• 1. Payment Policy

    Payments can be made by either cash or via bank transfer. We request that you provide payment for the session either at the beginning of an individual session or at the end of the session on the same day. Advanced booking payments are required for all block bookings/training packages (multiple bookings of 2 or more sessions).

  • 2. Block Bookings

    Block bookings are multiple training sessions booked in a block. For example this could be 5 sessions (5 pack) or 10 sessions (10 pack). Block bookings are a training commitment and are aimed at those who want to reserve multiple sessions weekly or monthly in advance. Booking times are prioritised for block bookings and are usually set in advance on a particular day or time. However we are happy to discuss the schedule to fit in with your commitments. Block booking payments are accepted in advance of any training session taking place.

  • 3. Cancellation Policy

    Our cancellation policy is 48 hours in advance of your booking. Please provide us with the necessary time required so we can refill your booking with another client. If you do not give us the required 48 hours notice it will result in you being charged for the session.

  • 4. Cancellations Due To Special Circumstances

    If a booked training session needs to be cancelled within 48 hours due to special circumstances we are happy to discuss rebooking options for you. We do not offer refunds due to special circumstances, however we will offer you the option to rebook another slot at a convenient time in the future.

  • 5. Individual Session Payments

    When paying for an individual training session the payment is due either before the session begins or at the end of the session but must be made on the same day as the session takes place. Payment can be made by either cash or via bank transfer. Please ask for details.

  • 6. No Shows / Late Arrivals / Late Cancellations

    If you fail to show up for a session or turn up late for a session we reserve the right to charge you for your session in full. If you cancel within our 48 hours notice period it will result in you being charged in full for that session.

  • 7. Refunds

    We do not offer refunds of any sessions undertaken. Nor do we provide refunds for block booking commitments. If there are special circumstances as to why you cannot keep your commitment to the training you have booked then please provide this to us and we will consider the options. We are fully aware that you are allowed to change your mind with regards to your training, so we offer a 'cooling off' period of 1 week from the date we receive your training fees. After this date we reserve the right to offer you alternative training solutions to honour your payment. We offer a fair resolution to any disputes and we would ask that you do the same.

  • 8. Equipment Damage

    If you damage any of the equipment while training at The Body Architect studio through malice or intent you are liable for the cost of replacing the damaged equipment. If however the damage was accidental we will review the circumstances and come to a mutual agreement.

  • 9. Online Training Sessions Health & Safety Measures

    When training with The Body Architect from home we ask that you ensure you are training in a safe environment. Ensure you have created a large enough space to conduct your training routine, stay hydrated and ensure you are able to get assistance from another person inside your household or via a phone. Please ensure you are without injury or any health conditions before participating in any training sessions. if you are unsure about your fitness condition please consult your doctor before any online training takes place.

  • 10. Training Environment

    When training with The Body Architect we would ask that you respect the trainer, the studio and the location. We do not appreciate the use of excessive foul language or any threatening behaviour towards the trainer. We would ask for your compliance towards this matter out of respect and professionalism.