The Body Architect

Intelligent Training & Nutrition by Design

The Body Architect holds numerous qualifications providing assurance to clients that they are being trained by a trained professional. "My expertise allows me to provide accurate advice regarding overall health, fitness, training, nutrition, muscle development, weight loss, strength & conditioning, flexibility and teaching proper technique."

Reps Level 4

Master Trainer

A Level 4 Advanced/Master Trainer qualification is the highest level of industry recognition, putting The Body Architect in the top 10% of fitness professionals in the UK.

As a Master Trainer, I can demonstrate a balanced knowledge of fitness and nutrition while providing a depth of expertise across many areas of fitness.


Strength & Conditioning training is ideal for weight loss and muscle gain.

Weight Loss

Combining cardiovascular fitness and weight trianing will achieve safe weight management.

Muscle Mass

Working through compound sets and reps to attain optimum strength and muscle mass.

Reps Level 2&3

Personal Trainer

Achieving Levels 2 & 3 Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer qualifications plays a vital role in being recognised as a credible Fitness Professional. A Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification assures clients that I have met the required industry standard for a providing Personal Training services.


I have a vast amount of fitness experience which helps me deliver exacting results.


My approach is born out of intellect and knowledge. If I advise it, I've researched it extensively.


My expertise is second-to-none and provides my clients with a high level of assurance.

Enhanced Techniques

Improving the Offering

I have furthered my qualifications by taking extra courses in a variery of different training methods and techniques. I have advanced training in trigger point (foam rollering), training with kettlebells, olympic lifting and FreeFORM training. Ask for further details.