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Client checklist - things to think about…

Do you know what you want to achieve?
The best place to start is to work out what you are aiming for, for example; do you want to build strength? is there a challenge you are aiming for? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to improve your eating habits? If you start with a list of needs and wants, it makes it a lot easier to then plan your programme.

Do you have any medical conditions I should be aware of?
It is important for me to know if you have any existing medical condition, injuries or other elements that could affect you during training. Complete transparency will allow me to tailor a programme for you.

What is your previous training history?
You may have already been training for years, alone, with friends, with a trainer or as part of a class. Let us discuss your current weekly routine and see what you are currently achieving. This will help us fill in the gaps.

Are you ready to make some changes?
As part of this process you may need to make a few changes. This may be how and when you train, what and when you eat and how you think in relation to your body.

I guarantee for the most part, I've been there and I know the challenges, just drop me an email. Click here to email.

The Body Architect

Personal Approach
Intelligent Training & Nutrition by Design

As a Master Trainer my approach to training may differ from other trainers. I look at far more than just workouts & nutrition.

  • Stage 1

    Postural Analysis

    Before we do anything we review your posture and ensure your body is posturally correct and your body is symmetrically functional.

  • Stage 2

    Range of Mobility

    We assess your body mobility and range of movement to ascertain threshold capabilities and flexibility through the joints.

    Stage 2

    Range of Mobility
  • Stage 3


    We review your alignment and work hard to realign your body to ensure your are not overcompensating on either side. Before we embark on any fitness programme we make sure you are properly aligned.

  • Stage 4

    Body Review

    We review your current body composition including BMI (Body Mass Index), fat, muscle, water, basal metabolic rate, daily calorie requirement, metabolic age and visceral fat levels. This allows me to create a calorie informed diet plan.

    Stage 4

    Body Review
  • Stage 5

    Fitness Assessment

    We carry out a number of different fitness assessments to quantify your level of fitness and what your current strength, endurance, cardio and flexibility capabilities. This allows us to build a good level of understanding for your programme.

The Body Architect

Eating Clean
Intelligent Training & Nutrition by Design

Your programme will be tailored specifically for you and is delivered hand-in-hand with clear and simple good nutritional advice to reset your eating habits to achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle.

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