The Body Architect

Core Values
Intelligent Training & Nutrition by Design

I approach my work with a set of values that provide assurance for our clientèle, responsibility for our methods and accountability for the outcome.

Work Ethic

My work ethic drives us to ensure I deliver the very best level of commitment while achieving the highest standards of training.


I work hard to accomplish what we set out to achieve. My persistence and dedication towards achievement is ever-present in my approach.


I stick to my morale and ethical principles, follow through on my promises and am upfront and honest about my intentions.


I welcome challenges and stay persistent to timely goals, in spite of any potential difficulties or obstacles that may arise.


I hold myself accountable to what I say I can deliver. I strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations with your help.


I set high levels of discipline to support my business. I stick to our rules, conduct and values to ensure I comply with laws and regulations.