My Personal
Fitness Experience

For years I invested in my own personal fitness using a variety of personal trainers and a good deal of self determination. I definitely became fitter but certain goals were not being met. Fitness was a by-product of my training but as my goal was post baby weight loss, it wasn't really changing. What was I doing wrong?

It turns out nobody I dealt with in fitness gave me any real lifestyle advice beyond the hour I was paying them for and none of them seemed qualified to give me the simple, constructive food advice or the right training methods that I sought to achieve my goals.

So, I decided that I would like to help people like myself. People who had gone through the experience of changing shape - whether through having babies, a sedentary job or just through the ageing process and metabolic slow down.

People who want their fitness and their shape back! So, I embarked on two years of studying to firstly become a gym instructor then personal trainer and nutritional advisor and finally becoming a master trainer.


Meaningful Success

Over the last 4 years I feel grateful to have met so many fantastic people who's goals I have helped achieve, whether it be fitness, diet, weight loss, rehabilitation or just learning more about the science of their body. I've helped:

1. A client conquer their type 2 diabetes (lost 4.5st) and can now run 10km in under 60 miutes

2. Clients from 21 years old all the way through to a lady of 72 years of age.

3. Train clients through injury to full recovery

4. Many weight loss clients meet their weight loss goals

5. Train clients during pregnancy and post birth (babies come to the sessions and watch from the safety area)

Since starting this business many of my clients have trained with me continously, and I'm proud to say that those who have decided to try other trainers have come back to me.


My Sporting Credentials

As well as being a fully qualified Master Trainer & Nutritional expert, I love to train myself, whether for strength or cardio benefit, it's important to practice what I preach!

I also am a keen martial artist with my chosen discipline being Karate and I am currently preparing to take my Black belt. And my I say to all those people who think they can't...IF I CAN, YOU CAN!


Other Specialisations

I am qualified in various other training methods, all of which add to the variety of training techniques I can offer my clients.
These specifics are:

1. Strength & Conditioning coach

2. Olympic lifting (vital for technique based training)

3. Outdoor training methods

4. Trained in the use of Trigger Point

5. Exercising with Kettlebells

5. Health & Safety Trainer