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Before you exercise its important to learn about you. Learn about your goals and the best journey to get you towards achieving them, and with a realistic time scale in mind. Whether your goal is to run your first charity race or just fit into your favourite dress for a big event, learning about you will help us to agree suitable, realistic and achieveable goals together.

That's why at The Body Architect; we like to look at you as a whole. Our preference is to start by making a proper assessment of your current general health, lifestyle and fitness levels before embarking on your exercise programme. This allows us to design a tailored, relevant, personalised exercise and nutrition programme if you require it.

Using some simple assessment techniques can provide not only a baseline of your current health and fitness status but can also identify muscular or postural weaknesses, potential health issues from weight or from cardiovascular fitness, which can be corrected by exercise, lifestyle and eating modifications.

The Body Architect.

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