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About Us

After 16 years working in marketing, a move out of London, two children and a definite change in my body shape, I decided that ultimately a change in lifestyle was required.

For four years I had invested in my own personal fitness using personal training and a good deal of self determination. I definitely became fit but for a long time my pre-baby body shape still eluded me. No one I dealt with in fitness gave me any real lifestyle advice beyond the hour I was paying them for and none of them seemed qualified to give me the simple, constructive food advice that I sought to really get my old pre-baby weight and shape back...and let's face it, food is half the battle!

So, I decided that I would like to help people like myself. People who had gone through the experience of changing shape - whether through having babies, a sedentary job or just through the ageing process and metabolic slow down. People who want their fitness and their shape back. So, I embarked on two years of studying to firstly become a gym instructor then personal trainer and nutritional advisor.

Kate Carroll | The Body Architect

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Why Choose a Personal Trainer?

According to a study at the University of California, having a personal trainer pushing you to your limits dramatically increases your chances of success. Their three month study compared the success of those using a personal trainer to those who self trained.

Those with personal trainers saw a 42% increase in muscle strength compared to just 19% among their lone trained colleagues. They also increased muscle mass by 3.3lbs (1.5kgs) compared to the self-trained participants who saw no change at all.

Ladies may be thinking why would I want muscle mass? The answer - because lean muscle mass is where you burn the calories. And, the female hormone 'oestrogen' means that you're never going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger... that's unless you're female bodybuilding and adopt the strict lifestyle and diet that goes with it. So ladies, don't be afraid of working towards muscle...its what keeps you looking toned and helps you burn more calories.

The Body Architect

Why Choose The Body Architect?

The Body Architect proposition is "Intelligent training and nutrition by design" and that is exactly what we deliver. Tailored, relevant fitness training specific to your needs and abilities. So whether you need to:

  • Improve you posture & strengthen weak muscles
  • Improve your functionality for performing everyday or sporting activities
  • Build muscle & burn calories
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness

your programme will be tailored specifically for you and comes hand in hand with clear and simple good nutritional advice to reset your eating habits to achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle.

The Body Architect is a fully qualified Master Personal Trainer

  • Gym Instructor (Level 2)
  • Personal Trainer (REPS Level 3)
  • Master Personal Trainer (REPS Level 4)
  • Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals

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What We Do

Our approach to training differs from any other trainer. We look at far more than just your fitness.

Postural Analysis

Before we do anything we review your posture and ensure your body is posturally correct and your body is symmetrically functional.

Fitness Testing

We carry out a number of different fitness tests to quantify what level of fitness you are and what level of strength you have. This allows us to build a good level of understanding for your programme.



We review your alignment and work hard to realign your body to ensure your are not overcompensating on either side. Before we embark on any fitness programme we make sure you are properly aligned.

Weight Assessment

We review your current BMI (body mass index) to establish your body composite (Fat, muscle, water retention). Once we know this we can agree on what needs to change and how to structure your programme.

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Kate's Top Tips

The Body Architect provides you with her top tips and advice to keep you on your toes and aware of new and exciting opportunities for you to learn and try.

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The Body Architect
Do you really know what 200 calories looks like?

We all know that all calories are not created equal. Some are much better for us than others but do you know what a 200 calorie snack might look like? Or, in exercise terms, how long it would take you to work it off?

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The Body Architect
Move of the month
"The Press Up"

We all know the 'press up' is a challenging body weight exercise but did you know that this simple but effective exercise works your chest, shoulders, arms and abdominals.

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The Body Architect
Fact of the day
"What do we know about celery"

Did you know that it takes more calories to eat and digest a piece of celery than there are calories 'in' celery. If you find celery a 'tough' eat then don't be frightened to add a nice dip like Humous. It transforms it.

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Client Reviews

Here's what our clients have to say about their experience.

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Review our approach to your health and fitness and see what it is that we do differently to achieve results time and time again for our clients.

"Karen says...I started to work with The Body Architect because I wanted to lose weight and had tried unsuccessfully via the usual list: expensive gyms, Weightwatchers, personal trainers, fad diets etc. These did nothing and just made me miserable. Kate's approach to training, health management and weight loss is just perfect! The Body Architect is what I've been looking for and never found. Kate is a 'no nonsense' pro who supports and encourages the best out of you. Each session is different and challenging and yet also somehow fun. She has done wonders for my weight and my confidence." "See what The Body Architect did with me below"

Client Review

To see how well perception of fitness matches reality, lets look at one of our clients, Karen. She is a 41 year old mother of two who has competed in triathlons and considered herself to have a fairly good base level of fitness but, felt her weight had slowly crept up over recent years and she wanted to know how to do something about it. Karen undertook some simple health assessments and fitness activities designed to get an overview of her current health and fitness and, to help set her weight loss goals:

Health Assessment

  • Her heart health was assessed using resting heart rate and blood pressure
  • Her weight and body fat composition were analysed and a risk assessment for her propensity to be affected by certain weight related health issues like heart disease and diabetes provided
  • Her posture and active general muscle balance was assessed
  • For her cardio respiratory fitness, a straight forward walking session using the treadmill and, for muscular endurance and strength, some simple, timed, body weight and balance exercises for the upper body and abdominal area
  • Her pyhsical performance and heart rate whilst performing these tasks was then profiled against her sex and her age

  • Her Results Showed

  • Her cardio respiratory fitness was fair
  • Her core endurance was very good but she showed general abdominal weakness in balance tests
  • She demonstrated muscular imbalances and one side of her lower body was significantly stronger than the other
  • Her body fat percentage was high and her potential for developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease at her current weight was also high
  • Her heart rate and blood pressure were good

  • What Did We Learn?

    Karen's treadmill test showed that she needed to do more dynamic aerobic and muscular exercises to improve her overall fitness. Her muscular testing showed muscle imbalances and a weakness down one side, which, was particularly prominent in the left leg and needed muscular strengthening. Her BMI (Body Mass Index) and body fat percentage was high so needed implementation of a calorie targeted healthy eating programme, which would deliver her the weight loss that was necessary.

    Her Programme

    Karen is doing focused muscle exercises to get the balance back in her body and has been set healthy living goals beyond her sessions with The Body Architect. She has been challenged with significantly increasing her aerobic exercise in her normal life by integrating a realistic amount of exercise into her family life. Her nutrition was reviewed and specific healthy eating objectives have been set for her including a calorie goal and inclusions of healthy foods.

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    Our Offers

    It's coming up towards the end of the year and the time for the post Christmas excess new years resolutions. More people join a gym or embark on a fitness programme at the start of a new year than at any other time. But guess what, by March most of them have given up! Continued self motivation being the main reason.

    offer terms & conditions

    New Year, New You

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    • Book in February or March to start your new fitness regime in March and receive
    • 12 SESSIONS
    • Worth £45 ** Terms & Conditions apply
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    Contact Us

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